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Hello, I'm Charlie, a fairly new member of the Cheltenham and Gloucester branch. At the AGM in February, I was appointed as the new editor of the quarterly Gloucestershire Beekeeper's Bulletin, as sadly Annie Ellis has chosen to stand down from a couple of her long established positions. It is an honour to be entrusted with this position and I am grateful for the opportunity. So I thought it might be nice to start off by telling you a little bit about myself.

Despite growing up around bees, and having a fascination with them since I was a child, I have never been in a position to keep bees. My childhood was spent outdoors either disappearing on the common or in the woods with my friends, or helping out on the school farm. So the outdoors is where I am most at home.

Currently I'm a mature student at the University of Gloucestershire studying Animal Biology. Since moving to Gloucestershire the opportunity has arisen for me to both keep bees, and study them at the university as part of my degree.

Professor Adam Hart, as my mentor at University, has been supporting me in the setting up of a new and exciting project which will provide a wonderful opportunity for students to get up close and personal with these exciting insects. We also hope to not only educate from a scientific point of view,but also reach the community with up to the minute data from monitoring the bees here at the University.

Again, I would like to thank GBKA and  Annie for this opportunity. I hope I can do you proud. Congratulations Annie on your hard work and dedication over the years.

If it wasn't for my beekeeping mentor, Mike Hunt, calling me and asking if I wanted to attend the AGM for a lecture and buffet lunch (which was amazing by the way - thank you Dean Forest for reminding me how good home cooked food tasted) I probably wouldn't be writing this right now. A special thank you too for all the support from everyone who has, proof read, critiqued, been at the end of the phone answering my questions, suggested ideas and contributed to the new look Bulletin. It's your experience and knowledge that has put this together to make it what it is, all I have done is design the banners. :)

What would be great now, is for me to leave you with my contact details, and encourage anyone out there to email if you have any questions, beesy events coming up, quirky stories, crafty ideas or recipes you would like to share in the next and future issues.

Charlie Powell
Editor of Gloucestershire Beekeepers Bulletin


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