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This section is intended for members of the branch to share information on any aspects bee keeping. To start the ball rolling I'm in the process of adding a few topics which may be of interest from experiments in my apairy. If you have any stories or experience you wish to share, then please send them to me and I will publish them here. We can have a members only private space, but for now I am happy to share my info to a wider audience.


Branch Video - January in the Apiary
Queen Rearing - Talk by Marin
Branch GDPR Privacy Notice
Asian Hornet Action team
Woolacombe Asian Hornet update at the NBU
MSWCC Hive Monitor workshop info
NBU Western England Region Report 2017
NBU Western England Region Report 2016
NBU Asian Hornet Info
NBU Asian Hornet Monitoring Trap Plans
Branch Study Group Info
Over Wintering Bees - Nick's Talk Notes
Branch Meeting Notes
Swarm Collecters Manual
Ocassional Guidence Notes 1
Ocassional Guidence Notes 2
Forays into Queen Rearing
Short-haired Bumble Bee Reintroduction Project
Midlands and South Wests Counties Covention 2014 notes by Mike Forster
Bee Craft's Small Hive Beetle Hangout video

Members Photo Gallery - got a good beekeeping picture? Send me a copy and I'll publish it here.

Members Library Book List - Please see Nick Lambert if you want to borrow a book.

Here is a useful forum I found recently, it has lots of good info on beekeeping SBAi Forum

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