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Anatomy and Dissection of the Honeybee

H A Dade

All About Mead

S W Andrews

A World Without Bees

Alison Benjamin & Brian McCallum

The Complete Guide to Bee Keeping

Jeremy Evans & Sheila Berrett

Bees at the bottom of the garden

Alan Campion & Gay Hodgson

Bad Beekeepers Club

Bill Turnbull

Guide to Bees & Honey Three copies - one autographed

Ted Hooper

Guide to Bees & Honey 5th edition paperback

Ted Hooper

Bees of the World

Christopher O'Toole & Anothy Raw

Beekeeping at Buckfast Abbey

Brother Adam

Beekeeping in the swarming season

George Davis

Beekeeping a Seasonal Guide

Ron Brown

Bees & Beekeeping

Maria Constantine

Breeding the Honey Bee

Brother Adam

Beeswax Crafts

Search Press


Ron Brown

Bee Produce

W Herrod-Hempsall

The Complete Handbook of Beekeeping

H Mace

For the Love of Bees (the story of Brother Adam)

Lesley Bill

Garden Plants Valuable to Bees


Honeybee Ecology

T Seely

Honeybee Biology and Beekeeping

D Caron

Honey in the Kitchen

J White

Keeping Bees

J Vivian

Lets Build a Hive

W Miller

The Little Honey Book

M Budd

Mead Making & Judging

H Riche

Pollen Loads

W Kirk

Profitable Beekeeping

Laurie Croft

Pheremones of Social Bees

J Free

Practical Queen Rearing

C & P Dublon

Plants & Beekeeeping

F N Howes

Queen Rearing Simplified

V Cook

Swarming Its Control & Prevention

L E Snelgrove

Skeps their History, Making and Use

Frank Alston

The Hive & the Honey Bee


The Humble Bee

F W L Sladen

The Observation Hive

K Showler

Grass roots of beekeeping

G H Davis


J Newman

Honey Marketing

H Riches

Honeybee Biology

J Free

Methods for rearing queens


The Little Honey Book

M Budd




The Honey Bee


The Monk and The Honey Bee


The Ibra Museum Protective Clothing


The Ibra Museum Skeps, Tools & Accessories




Older Books


A Swarm in May (Children's Novel)

W Mayne


Roger Morse 1986

Bee Craftsman

HJ Wadley 1978

Background to Beekeeping

Allan Waine 1987

Bees and Beekeeping

Irmgard Diemer 1988

Keeping Honeybees

J Urquart 1978

Practical Beekeeping

R Couston 1972

The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of beekeping

R Morse & Ted Hooper 1985

The Beekeepers Handbook

Owen Meyer 1981

The Behaviour of Bees & of Beekeepers

H J Wadley 1948

The Honeybees ot the British Isles

Beowulf Cooper 1986

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