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LADY OF THE MANOR - photo by Michael Peers
"She was a queen I took from a local nursing home. She had swarmed about a week earlier. She had settled on a branch of a tree at the back of the house. She was just one of many swarms to leave over the years I am told, I was informed that each swarm lands on the same tree and on the same branch at the same spot. The roof space of the home is very large and houses a large bees nest. The bees swarm about three or four times a season as the nest is very large and has been there as I am told for many years. Mike Forster had hived the swarm earlier in the day. He then telephoned me to meet him and swap it into my own nuc box. As I was a novice I found Mike's help invaluable and would like to thank him for his time. The nursing home originally know as Selwyn house was built in 1594 and was used by King Charles the first during the seize of Gloucester. It sits at the foot of Robinswood hill and has a seperate church on the opposite side of the road. The house and the church are linked by a tunnel used during the seize. I would like to think that the bees had been there as long as the house but that is just wishful thinking." - Michael Peers 2013

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