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Would you like to learn more about bees & beekeeping? - If so the why not get involved in the branch study group programme.

What is a study group & How does it work. - A study group consists of beekeepers just like you, who get together once a month as a self study group to discuss and learn about topics of beekeeping. These meeting are informal gatherings where we share information we have researched since the previous months meeting, and then we decide which topics need to be reseached for the next meeting. Each member takes turns to learn up on a topic and present their findings to the group. The BBKA has organised important beekeeping information into modules. Each area of interest has it's own syllabus organised like so.

  • Module 1 - Honey bee Management
  • Module 2 - Honey bee Products and Forage
  • Module 3 - Honey bee Pests, Diseases and Poisoning
  • Module 5 - Honey bee Biology
  • Module 6 - Honey bee Behaviour
  • Module 7 - Selection & Breeding of Honey bees
  • Module 8 - Honey bee Management, Health and History
  • Microscopy.
  • As well as learning lots of new and intersting stuff you will also get to know your fellow branch members better. If you wish after studying the Module syllabus you can opt to take an exam to prove to yourself that you really know the topic. Note that to enter an exam you must have past your beekeeping basic exam. For more information on the BBKA modules see the BBKA Website

    Apart from module 8 which is taken last the exams can be taken in any order, so you can join the study group for any module you don't have to start with module 1 first.

    The study group programme is open to all members so if you're interested in learning more please get involved and give it ago. Currently Modules 1, 2, 8 and Microscopy have folks working on them. Remember that the more you put in the more you will get out. The branch has 5 pairs of microscopes available to those wishing to study Microscopy. If you want to know more please contact John Woodlock our Training Officers.

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