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If you need assistance with collecting a bee swarm in the Cheltenham, Gloucester or Tewkesbury (only the immediate area please - we ONLY work in this area) area please contact the branch Swarm Co-ordinator for your area:
Tewkesbury & Gloucester - The Swarm Co-ordinator
on 01452 478473
Cheltenham - The swarm Co-ordinator Mike Sumner 07850531308
Or use the BBKA swarm coordination system. Click here to use the BBKA's new online postcode search facility to find your nearest beekeeper who can help you.

The Swarm Co-ordinators are very busy during the swarming season and are not always able to answer calls immediately. They have no budget for operating this co-ordination service, and are unable to return answer-phone messages. Please call again if you do not get through to them the first time. Please note that many beekeepers also have day jobs and it is likely you will have to wait for a response. Please be patient and understand that we are a group of voluntary, local bee keepers - we are not a commercial operation providing a 24x7 swarm collection service.

The swarm Co-ordinator will provide contact details of a local beekeeper in your area who may be able to collect the swarm - depending on where it's located. The beekeeper may charge expenses for this service. We are only able to deal with honey bees (in accessible locations) NOT WASPS or bumble bees. Our aim is to remove the live swarm not to destroy it. Our bee keepers are all local enthusiasts and not commercial bee keepers or pest control officers, whilst swarm collection is not our responsibility, we are happy to help if we can. Alternatively please contact your local police or local council for assistance with the swarm.

What to do when you find a bee swarm
What do bee swarms look like
Click the link below for your local swarm contact
Click here to use the BBKA's new online postcode search facility to find your nearest beekeeper who can help you.

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Branch Contacts

For non swarm related topics or to find out more about the Branch, please contact the branch secretary,
Brian Johnston on 01452 551897.

Membership Enquiries

To join the branch please contact the membership secretary by email to

Officers of the GBKA-CG Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association
- Cheltenham & Gloucester Branch


Kevin Weller

Education Officer

John Woodlock

Vice Chair

Ian Hazlem

Committee Member

Ray Patterson


Brian Johnston

Web Master/Librarian

Nick Lambert


Kasia Beta

Membership Secretary

Janet Bidwell

Branch Apiary

Mike Hunt

Swarm Co-ordinator

Mike Forster

County Delegate

Gill Paterson

Honey Show

John Coates

Committee Member

Janet Duffin

Committee Member

Lester Evans

Swarm Co-ordinator

Mike Sumner


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