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GBKA-CG - The Gloucestershire Beekeepers Association
Cheltenham and Gloucester Branch Apiary

The GBKA-CG has a training apiary in between Cheltenham, Gloucester and Tewkesbury where new beekeepers can learn the beekeeping craft.

During the Spring, Summer and Autumn months, hands-on training is provided at 6pm every Friday evening.

Friday sessions at the GBKA-CG Apiary are a great way to meet other beekeepers, learn from experts with many years of bee keeping experience and get instant advice when you need it. GBKA-CG Apiary visits also give you the chance to see the varied issues arising across the large number of hives at the site, thereby gaining knowledge and experience faster.

GBKA-CG - Beekeeping for Beginners
HOTbees - "Hands on training with bees"
Our HOTbees Scheme is an easy, risk free way to try out beekeeping. GBKA-CG new starters, who sign up for two years membership of the club and our beginners training programme, can join the HOTbees scheme - Subject to numbers.

the hives at the branch apiary
members around hives

Hands On Training With Bees - Training For Bee Keepers
The GBKA-CG HOTbees scheme provides the loan of hive equipment and a starter pack of bees. The bees are kept in the branch apiary and members receive regular instruction on the care and management of the hive. Once you've successfully completed the training - at the end of the two years, or earlier, you can buy your own hives and transfer the bees. If you decide bee keeping is not for you, simply return the bees and the equipment to the GBKA-CG. In addition to the HOTbees scheme the branch runs a series of classroom based courses.

Important information for prospective Beekeepers looking for training courses in Gloucestershire
To avoid disappointment we recommend that you always make sure any bee keeper training is linked to the BBKA basic syllabus certificate and that your chosen provider gives you the opportunity to take the basic assessment exam.

Winter Training Lectures

We are now accepting places on our 2019 programme. This programme is for folks who wish to learn the theroy of beekeeping and have a go themselves independantly of our HOTbees scheme.

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